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00 "predator priests" accused of sexually abusing children in U.S. PennsylvaniaOve▓r 300 "predator priests" accused of sexually abusing children in U.S. PennsylvaniaOver 300 "predator priests" accused of sexually abusing children in U.S. Pennsylvania08-15-2018 09

:15 BJTMore than 300 "predator priests" from six Catholic dioceses across eastern U.S. state of Pennsylvania have been accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 children, according ▓to a new grand jury report released Tuesday.The report,▓ issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, det▓ailed a "systematic coverup by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican" over more than six decades, State Attorney Gen▓eral Josh Shapiro said at a news conference▓ on Tuesday.PREDATOR PRIESTSShapiro said that over 1,000 c▓hil

dren victims were identifiable from the church's o

wn reco▓rds, and the grand jury believes there are more after abo▓ut two years of investigation."We beli▓eve that the real number - of children▓ whose records were lost, or who were afra▓id ever to come forward - is in the thousands," read the grand jury report int

roduction.According to ▓the report, some predator priests even manufactured child pornography. In a diocese, one victim was forced to stand ▓on a bed in a parish rectory in fro▓nt of the reverends.Todd Frey, 50, who said he was abused w▓hen he was 13 by a priest in Lancaster County, nor▓thern Pennsylvania, spoke to the grand jury on Monday. He said he had told church and law en▓forcement officials over the years, but no▓thing was done."Who else did he pick?" Frey was quoted as speaking before the grand jur▓y, adding that t

he report will be his fir▓st opportunity to see if the priest is accused of abusi▓ng others, and who in the church knew.SY▓STEMATIC COVERUPChurch leaders in these Catholic dioceses were more intere

sted in safeguarding the church and the "predator priests" than helpin▓g their victims, the redacted repor▓t said."The main thing was not to h

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